Baldor Maska is a V-belt pulley manufacturer and our product line consists of: industrial sheaves, also referred to as v-belt pulleys, Oilfield Sheaves, QD and Taper lock bushings, flexible shaft couplings for power transmission such as elastomeric couplings and jaw type or spider couplings, V-belts and synchronous belts, industrial timing pulleys, HTD sprockets mounted with QD bushings, QD type weld on hubs, XT bushings & XT hubs, v-belt stepped pulleys and short type QD bushings.

As a drive components manufacturer with related power transmission products, Baldor Maska produces industrial cast iron sheaves, metric synchronous timing pulleys and large QD sprockets, adjustable sheaves or variable pulleys and flexible shaft couplings for the power transmission industry. Our v-belts & sheaves & pulleys meet MPTA standards for v-belt motor pulleys, sheave applications, v-belts and QD sprocket products as a belt pulley manufacturer.

Baldor Maska products are available for adjustable drives with adjustable sheaves & belts, V-belt and synchronous drives, metric taperlock sheaves, variable sheaves, QD sprocket sheaves, metric v-belt pulleys, synchronous timing belts & pulleys, HTD sprockets with QD bushings & flexible shaft hub couplings as a variable speed pulley manufacturer.

Let Baldor Maska industrial sheaves or grooved pulleys be your first choice for quality v-belt drives as an experienced manufacturer for your industrial application.

Baldor Maska autocad 3D drawings now available, link is located on our web page Entire product line of QD bushings, maskaflex elastomeric couplings, maska starflex couplings, timing pulleys, htd sprockets, large sheaves can be downloaded as CAD drawings, or 3D CAD drawings. These autocad drawings can be directly inserted into autocad applications.  The 2D or 3D drawings in CAD format are useful to engineers who wish to insert the autocad drawings directly into their 3D applications for machine design.

The link for autocad 3D drawings is also located on Baldor Maska’s transactional web site at . Note all Baldor Maska product line of sheaves, adjustable or variable pulleys or sheaves, bushings such as QD, taper-lock, XT and weld-on and XT hubs, our synchronous product line of timing pulleys, HTD sprockets, elastomeric couplings and jaw type couplings and belts are available in various autocad or CAD 3D drawings formats.