When moving the last thing you want is to open up a box and find your favorite lamp in pieces.  Moving fragile items can be challenging, so here are a few tips to protect your items and get them safely to your new home.

Acquire Enough Boxes

It is advisable to get more packing boxes than you think may be necessary. This will not only help you pack individual items thoroughly, but also make it easier to label.  Try not to over-stack your boxes; this can cause some boxes to bend and break, which then leads to a fragile item becoming cracked or chipped.

Mix the Sizes of the Boxes

A variety of box sizes work best when packing your household items. The smaller boxes can suit the smaller pieces while large cartons can be used to carry appliances. Your mover should help you identify the right size for the number of fragile items you have. Sizes range from shoeboxes to large ottoman sizes. While packing, pack heavier things at the bottom and fill up space with lighter material. Alternatively, you can get shallow boxes to carry heavier items.

Cushion the Items

The boxes may not be safe enough to carry your breakables. Cheap Movers Miami (http://cheapmoversmiami.com/) recommends making use of cushioning materials laying around your home, such as blankets, duvets, and pillows. When packing fragile items, place a sheet at the bottom and carefully position the piece. You can add a pillow on top before securing with tape. Also, ensure you label the boxes for safe handling.

Pack Utensils Separately

For cups, glasses, and plates, you may not need to pack them up in boxes with inserts. You can use wrapping paper to cover each item before placing them in boxes. Equally, for vases and wine glasses, you can use more wrapping to prevent breakage. Wrap your plates individually and then carefully arrange them in a box.  Continue providing as much cushioning as needed depending on the item you are packing.

Make Use of Plastic Wrap

Plastic stretch wraps come in handy for larger items such as dresser drawers, refrigerators, etc. First, provide adequate cushioning using blankets all around the object, then cover the piece using plastic wrap to hold the cushioning in place. Additionally, you can proof furniture corners using the same technique.

The above tips can help you secure your valuables and prevent loss. Before your move, acquire adequate packing boxes, tape, and wraps. Pack each item one at a time and ensure you provide enough cushion. Additionally, label the boxes for easy handling and unloading. Most importantly, consult with your moving company if you have any questions.


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